What is Hydrant Guard?

Hydrant Guard is a stainless steel breakaway check valve for wet-barrel fire hydrants.

Our products are patented (U.S. Patents 10,060,101; 11,187,332 & 11,767,923) and easily installed above grade valve attachments that prevent sheared fire hydrants from releasing water surges.

A sheared (broken) fire hydrant can spew thousands of gallons of water per minute onto roads, sidewalks and buildings. Incidents like this are very common, occurring mainly due to automobile accidents. 

With a minimal effect on actual hydrant operation, Hydrant Guard goes unnoticed until it’s needed. As soon as a hydrant is sheared, the Hydrant Guard breakaway check valve springs into action. Its valve plates immediately close, effectively sealing the water supply and significantly reducing water loss, leaving only a witness stream as a signal.

Our Products

Hydrant Guard offers effective protection

Effective Protection

Prevents water surge following a hydrant shear

Hydrant Guard maximizes water flow during normal operations

Maximized Flow

Minimal effect on water flow in hydrants during typical operation


hydrant guard installation

Easy Installation

Only one wrench and minimal time required to install

hydrant guard made in usa

100% Made in the USA

Designed, developed and built right here in the United States

check valve low profile design

Low Profile Design

Ensures activation in the event of a low strike

durable products

High Grade Stainless Steel Components

Built to last and to perform as expected for decades

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