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Hydrant Guard videos show you exactly what Hydrant Guard stainless steel check valves do.

Our products are designed to keep water in the ground in the event of a wet-barrel hydrant shear. When a wet-barrel hydrant breaks at the base, whether from a vehicle collision or any other cause, it sends thousands of gallons of water spewing into the air. Our one-of-a-kind stainless steel hydrant valves prevent that water loss, while also keeping property and people safe. These videos show how our products work. In this page, you'll find:

  • Background and overview of Hydrant Guard check valves
  • Hydrant Guard testimonials
  • Hydrant Guard demonstrations: installations, flow tests and shear tests

If there's anything else you'd like to see Hydrant Guard do, please contact us and send your suggestion!

About Hydrant Guard

These videos focus on the purpose of Hydrant Guard check valves, how they’re made and how they function.

What Hydrant Guard Does

Hydrant Guard Product Overview

Hydrant Guard Testimonials

These videos feature the water warriors who work with Hydrant Guard on a daily basis, and their lived experience with our breakaway valves. View more on our Testimonials page.

Hydrant Guard Testimonial: Jake Chavira, City of La Palma

Hydrant Guard Field Tests

This series of short videos goes straight to the main question: how well does Hydrant Guard work? We show installations, flow tests and, most importantly, shear tests performed by water districts around the region.

Test Reel: Installs, Flow Tests and Sheer Tests

Hydrant Guard Flow Tests

Hydrant Guard Installs

Hydrant Guard Shear Tests

To see for yourself how Hydrant Guard can help your water district save water, save time and save money, schedule a demonstration today.