Hydrant Guard Check Valves: Patented Solutions to Mitigate Water Loss from Wet-Barrel Hydrant Shears

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Hydrant Guard break-off check valves help reduce liability, improve sustainability, enhance reputation, simplify maintenance, increase resilience, improve resource management, simplify compliance, and provide long-term value.

By implementing our solution, water districts and municipalities demonstrate a commitment to the community by promoting safety, sustainability, and responsible water management practices.

What Hydrant Guard Does

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fire hydrant breakaway

How Hydrant Guard Works

  • Hydrant Guard break-off check valves can be mounted under any wet-barrel (above-grade) fire hydrant. The entire Hydrant Guard valve sits above ground, between the hydrant and the water supply pipe.
  • In an undamaged fire hydrant, Hydrant Guard’s valve doors sit parallel to the water flow, minimizing their effect when the hydrant is in use.
  • Breakaway bolts hold the unit to the hydrant. These bolts are hollow so they will break when the hydrant is sheared, separating the hydrant from the flange before the water main pipe itself is damaged.
  • In the event of a shear, the valves rotate instantly until they are perpendicular to the water flow, stopping the massive surge of water from the water main pipe. Only a small amount of water is allowed through, creating a “witness stream” to alert personnel to the sheared hydrant.
  • Hydrant Guard is designed so that after a shear only the breakaway bolts need to be replaced.

Hydrant Guard at a Glance

When wet-barrel fire hydrants are sheared, they often fail to hold down their water supply. A sheared hydrant can discharge water at hundreds, or even thousands, of gallons per minute. Multiplied by the number of vehicles striking fire hydrants in the United States, the total water loss is staggering.

Hydrant Guard break-off check valves provide an effective seal that activates when a hydrant is sheared (broken), reducing water loss to the absolute minimum.

In many regions, water is a scarce resource. We can’t afford to let it go to waste simply because fire hydrants are inadequately prepared for a strike. Hydrant Guard provides an easy, elegant solution that can be retrofitted onto any above-grade fire hydrant.

save water with hydrant guard check valves

Save Water

Hydrant Guard dramatically reduces water loss from sheared hydrants

save time with hydrant guard

Save Time

Hydrant Guard is quick to initially install, and just as quick to reset

save money with hydrant guard

Save Money

Hydrant Guard dramatically reduces incident costs of hydrant shears

The Hydrant Guard Advantage

As a solution to wet-barrel hydrant shears, Hydrant Guard is in its own league.

The Hydrant Guard break-off check valve system is installed completely above grade, reducing installation costs and eliminating the need to excavate or alter the water main riser. Its breakaway design allows repair crews to reinstall or replace a sheared hydrant quickly and easily.

Hydrant Guard valves are also resettable. After a strike, the system can be reset and re-installed in as little time as it took to initially install. In most cases, only the breakaway bolts need replacing, while the valve continues to function as expected.

During normal hydrant operation, Hydrant Guard’s design maximizes water flow. Since the valve doors remain parallel to the flow direction, firefighters will not experience a significant drop in water pressure or flow.

Most importantly, Hydrant Guard is built to provide effective protection for years under strenuous conditions. Hydrant Guard is 100% designed and manufactured in the United States to the highest quality standards.

Hydrant Guard offers effective protection

Effective Protection

Prevents water surge following a hydrant shear

Hydrant Guard maximizes water flow during normal operations

Maximized Flow

Minimal effect on water flow in hydrants during typical operation


hydrant guard installation

Easy Installation

Only one wrench and minimal time required to install

hydrant guard made in usa

100% Made in the USA

Designed, developed and built right here in the United States

check valve low profile design

Low Profile Design

Ensures activation in the event of a low strike

durable products

High Grade Stainless Steel Components

Built to last and to perform as expected for decades

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Hydrant Guard cost?

Hydrant Guard is competitively priced, but exact pricing depends on volume and custom parameters. Contact us for a free quote!

Does Hydrant Guard reduce flow through hydrants?

When a fire hydrant is functioning normally, Hydrant Guard’s valve plates are parallel to the water flow. Flow reduction is minimal and does not affect hydrant performance.

Where is Hydrant Guard manufactured?

Hydrant Guard is 100% manufactured in the USA by Muskegon, MI-based Eagle CNC Technologies, Inc. You can read more about Hydrant Guard manufacturing here.

Where can I learn more about Hydrant Guard?

The best way to learn more about Hydrant Guard is to contact us directly with your questions.

Read more on our FAQ page