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Hydrant Guard’s Mission is to Protect People, Property, and Systems by Minimizing the Damage Caused by Sheared Fire Hydrants

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We are passionate about helping water districts prevent water loss, property damage and personal injury caused by broken fire hydrants.

Our goal is to promote sustainable practices and conserve resources by improving existing water infrastructure. We have developed an innovative line of products, Hydrant Guard breakaway check valves, that prevent water damage, reduce liability, and improve water conservation measures.

We believe in simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and environmental protection. For this reason, Hydrant Guard is designed to be an effective solution that is easy to install, easy to maintain, and easy to reset.

The Solution to Prevent Non-Revenue Water Loss

We have successfully tackled the limitations of traditional hydrant protection methods by employing an engineering approach that provides a simple and cost-effective solution.

Hydrant Guard

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By finally presenting a simple, elegant solution to the widespread problem of wet-barrel hydrant shears, Hydrant Guard aims to help municipalities take control of water loss and property damage.

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Our Story

About Hydrant Guard - Our Team

HydrantGuard LLC comprises members of the Hydrant Guard founders and the Eagle Group. The partnership is dedicated to manufacturing Hydrant Guard and developing related solutions.

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About Hydrant Guard - Manufacturing

Hydrant Guard is sourced and manufactured entirely in the United States by Eagle CNC Technologies, Inc. By leveraging their expertise in precision manufacturing, Eagle CNC ensures a high level of craftsmanship

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