Hydrant History: The World’s First Fire Hydrants

The Worlds First Fire Hydrants 2

Getting water out of the ground remained an unsolved problem in 1800, despite all the advances in underground infrastructure; firefighters had either to plunge buckets in the nearest cistern or dig down to perforate the wooden mains that conveyed water before metal pipes.

Before the invention of hydrants, the first brigade on scene tore up the ground until they reached the wooden water main, pierced it open and flooded the dugout around the puncture. From this makeshift pool the brigade filled buckets and attached hoses. After the fire, they closed the hole in the main with a plug, and it was these plugs that gave rise to the hydrant’s original name: fireplug.

Hydrant Guard Testimonial: Jake Chavira, City of La Palma

Hydrant Guard testimonial - Jake Chavira, City of La Palma

We recently sat down with Jake Chavira, Water/Maintenance Supervisor for the City of La Palma, to record his Hydrant Guard Testimonial. Bottom line: if you live in the City of La Palma, you can rest assured that you have a skilled and dedicated team of water professionals making sure your water is safe, clean and available no matter what. At Hydrant Guard, we’re proud to be a part of that story.