2023 Tri-State Seminar, August 7-10 in Las Vegas – Event Recap

Mel Plummer, Hydrant Guard Founder, at Tri-State Seminar 2023

2023 Tri-State Seminar, August 7-10 in Las Vegas – Event Recap

Hydrant Guard Sales Team at Tri-State Seminar 2023

The Las Vegas Tri-State Seminar has grown into a major event in the water industry calendar, and it keeps getting better (and bigger). This year’s event hosted 4,400 attendees, an increase of over 1,000 attendees from 2022. The theme was “Weird Science: Predicting and Protecting Human Health and the Environment.” With no holds barred (and all valves checked) the Hydrant Guard team went all-in for the show.

The Hydrant Guard team loves getting creative: we gladly integrated the “weird science” theme into our usual demo materials, creating an eye-catching booth made up of nearly 1000 lbs. of equipment. Enticed by the flicker of beakers and flasks, the crowd of attendees streamed in to learn more about our stainless steel check valves. Our sales team wore “mad scientist” costumes throughout the event. Some of us had doubts about the costumes at first, but our lead sales rep, Jesse Anderson, convinced us to “be brave.” Literally walking the walk, Jesse could be spotted all over the exhibition floor, mingling with fellow exhibitors and attendees in his lab coat and Einstein wig.

We were delighted to reconnect with current champions of Hydrant Guard, and to see hundreds of new faces representing water districts, wastewater facilities and equipment manufacturers. Among those new acquaintances were water industry leaders like Sue Mosburg, executive director of the CA-NV AWWA section, who spent time at our booth discussing our products and our mission. The environment-oriented theme was ideal for showcasing what Hydrant Guard is all about: conserving water by eliminating non-revenue water loss from hydrant shears. We believe water conservation to be a crucial undertaking for the long-term benefit of the Western States, and we love to share our passion with fellow industry professionals.

We are grateful to the event team at the Tri-State Seminar for bringing this year’s theme to life, and we would especially like to thank event coordinators Gene Dahle and Keli Callahan for their excellent work.

We can’t wait to see what next year’s Tri-State Seminar has in store!